1972 Super Beetle $5,100 OBO

It's a Yellow 72 Super Beetle with a removable sun roof and a 72 volt system installed. It uses the bigger D&D motor model ES-31B for better low end torque (very steep hill climbing) and longer range with the same battery pack. This car could be upgraded to 120 volts with a different controller and charger.
The batteries are sealed lead acid type( no maintenance) model # UPS12-370FR made by : www.cdtechno.com . There are seven of them (one is the accessory battery) installed behind the back seat, and they weigh about 67 lbs each. We have driven the car 42 miles at 25 MPH before the batteries seriously started to slow down to a crawl. The Car has a brand-new paint job and the interior is in decent shape considering its age.
The Honda generator (model EU200i) in the front, and the luggage rack on top are NOT included in that price. We have driven it as a SERIES Hybrid with the charger plugged into the 2000 watt generator and estimated our gas mileage at about 72 MPG at 25 MPH.
There is no warranty on the donor shell, but the EV conversion components are warranteed for 2 years against manufacturing defects. If you need , we can throw in a tow bar hitch for free.

- Sold -






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