Electric Car Conversion Kit motor 72 volts
With our Kit #2 we use a series motor that can acheive speeds of up to 55 mph at 72 Volts DC in ideal conditions. 45 to 50 mph would be your normal top average driving speeds with this kit. The motor is manufactured by D&D motor systems and is rated at 40 HP peak. It measures 6.7" dia. x 12.28" long and weighs 62 lbs. The cost for this complete kit is $2995 + shipping.

EV Conversion Kit motor 72 volts - mounted

Electric cars are driven by large electric motors usually rated between 3.5 and 28 horsepower. For those accustomed to gas engines, this may not seem like much power, but the rating systems used for gas engines and electric motors are so different that the numbering system is almost meaningless. Gas engines are rated at their peak hp, electric motors are rated at their continuous hp. The peak hp of an electric motor is usually 8 to 10 times its continuous rating. A 30 hp electric motor will generally perform like a 50-75 hp gasoline engine in a same weight vehicle.

Electric Car Conversion kit motor wiring

Series motors are known for having very high torque at start up, or zero RPM. This make the series motor excellent for acceleration and also makes it possable to have a vehicle without a clutch. Our Kit #2, as our other kits, has no clutch so it can simply be driven just like an automatic transmission. This motor is reversable and can run clock-wise or counter clock-wise.

EV Alltrax 7245 Programmable Controller 72 Volts

We offer our Kit #2 standard with an ALLTRAX 7245 PWM(pulse width modulation) controller. This controller is rated at 24-72 volts DC and 450 amps. The Alltrax Controller is programmable via a computer and an adaptor cable (RS-232 TO USB). For higher performance see Kit #3.

Electric Car Conversion Kit components

The complete components for Kit #2 are as follows:

* Adapter Plate for vehicle
* Shaft Coupler - Motor to transmission(clutch-less)
* Series Motor 40 HP 6.7" dia. X 12.28" long
* 0-5k (pb5)Throttle Box
* 30 ft of #2/0 ga. Wire Cable
* Contactor- Kilovac EV200 (2000 amp rupture 200 amp continuous)
* 50-150 VDC Volt Meter
* 0-500 Amp Meter
* Guage Holder Bracket
* 50mv - 500 Amp Shunt
* 12 - High Current Copper Ring Terminals
* 24 - Battery Cable Terminals
* Fuse - 400 amp slow blow
* Battery Charger - 5-10 amp (adjustable voltage 12-72 VDC)
* 12 vdc Float Charger (for accessory battery)
* Alltrax 7245 Controller.
* General Plans & Wiring Schematics

*Substitues will be made for parts if unavailable.

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