144 Volt EV Conversion Kit in a classic car
Kit #4 is a high performance 144 volt DC conversion kit and could be placed in a kit car, such as the one on the left. Price for Kit #4 is $5,620 + shipping.

144 Volt Curtis Controller -  1231C

We use the Curtis 1231C controller for this Kit #4. It is rated at 144 volt DC at 400 amps.

144 Volt FB1-4001 Electric Car Motor

The motor for this kit (Model# FB1-4001) is also made by Advanced DC Motors, the best known name in the industry. The motor dimensions are 9.1 inch diameter 15.5 inches long, and is rated at 144 Volts DC.

144 Volt EV Quick Charger

The charger included with this kit is the Quickcharger rated at a 144 volts. It is a smart charger and runs through mutliple charge cycles before turning off when batteries are full.

144 Electric Vehicle Conversion Kit Parts

The complete components for Kit #4 are as follows:

* Advanced DC motor #FB1-4001, 9.1 "single shaft"
* Curtis Controller 1231C (144 volts DC at 400 amps)
* Adapter Plate for vehicle
* Shaft Coupler - (Requires flywheel, pressure plate, & clutch)
* 0-5k (pb5)Throttle Box
* 40 ft of #2/0 ga. Wire Cable
* Contactor- Allbright SW200 (2000 amp rupture 200 amp continuous)
* 50-150 VDC Volt Meter
* 0-500 Amp Meter
* 50mv - 500 Amp Shunt
* Gauge Holder Bracket
* 12 - High Current Copper Ring Terminals
* 48 - Battery Cable Terminals
* Fuse - 400 amp slow blow
* Smart Charger 144 VDC * 12 vdc Smart Battery Charger (for accessory battery)
* General Plans & Wiring Schematics

*Substitues will be made for parts if unavailable.

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