The Ford Festiva is another vehicle ideally suited for EV conversion. We have done many of these with very good success using kits #1 and #2 .

As you can see from this picture and the next, there is a lot of room left in the engine compartement after the gasoline machine of +/- 250 moving, vibrating, oily parts is removed. The replacement is an electric motor with ONE moving part that only spins.

A gasoline engine is perhaps 15-18% efficient at best, with most of its energy bieng lost out the exhaust pipe or radiator through heat. Our electric motors are up to 85% efficient.

The motor is much more maintanance free than its petroleum counterpart. A complete overhaul of the motor consists of changing the brushes and occationally (less than once every decade or two+) the end bearings. This is easily done in an hour with simple hand tools. Electric car motors are known to go over 500,000 miles before bearings wear.

The batteries are mounted in compartment boxes under the floor boards or back seat and in the engine compartment. As battery technology improves, the range and speed of EV's will improve dramatically. Any exsisting EV can easily be upgraded to the new battery technology.

We will like to be soon offering other battery technology for our cars and kits such as Nickel-Metal Hydride, Lithium-ion or Lithium polymer. Keep a watch on us as we intend to offer the best perfomance at the best price.

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