Authorized Installers & Parts

If you are looking for someone to do a conversion or want EV parts, these are some conversions companies that could do it for you:

Ralph Electric Bugs

Specializing in VW restoration and VW conversions only.

Location: Payson, UT

Contact: Ralph Finlandson

Phone: 801-380-9531

Dodson Services Electrical Contractors, Inc.

VW Conversions

605 S. Sherman Street, Suite C

Richardson, Texas 75081

Contact: David Oberlander

Installation services and sales:

Phone: 972-235-0881 ext. #107

For Questions:

Converting VWs, Pick-Ups etc.

Location: Provo, UT

Contact: Christian Bandley

SunnyWindy Electric Vehicles (Converting most small vehicles to EV's)

Location: Goshen, UT 84633

Contact: Mike Sego

Phone: (801) 616-8800


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