bradley GT Kit Car- electric vehicle conversion kit - 120 volts
Kit #3 is a 120 volt kit that gives freeway speeds at a lower cost then our Kit #4. Great performance can be had with a 120 volt setup especially when installing it in a fiberglass kit car like Bradley GT in this picture. 120 volts also lets us charge with a normal 110 volt outlet without adding any extra cost. The cost for this complete kit is $4,645.00 + shipping.

bradley GT Kit Car - Electric Motor Mounted

Installation of the motor is easier than pulling out the original gas motor. In the case of the VW chassis the electric motor is bolted to the transmission with only four bolts. Other vehicles may require more hardware and additional engine mount brackets, but it is still relitive easy compared with the gasoline counterpart. This picture shows the motor installed in the vehicle we saw in the previous picture.

120 Volt Intsall Batteries in Series- EV Kit

There are a number of batteries available for electric vehicles, however the most cost effective is the old faithful lead-acid batteries. We have three choices comonly available to us at this time; six volt, eight volt and twelve volt batteries. This 120 volt kit will require 20 six volt batteries or 15 eight volt batteries or 10 twelve volt batteries. Batteries can be placed just about any place they can fit, as in this picture under the back sit. You will want to keep in mind the weight distribution recommended by the vehicle manufacture when installing batteries.

Electric VW Beetle with 120 volt system - Curtis Controller

The controller that comes with this 120 volt kit is manufacture by a well known name in the EV industry. The Curtis 1231C that is included in this kit can be upgraded to a 144 volts and will provide great performance. In this picture you can see it mounts easily on the back wall of the engine compartment of the VW Beetle. Because there are so few parts in a EV conversion compared with a gasoline engine, the engine compartment looks relitively clutter free and simple.

EV Conversion Kit 120 Volts

The complete components for Kit #3 are as follows:

* Series Motor 90 HP Peak 6.7" dia. X 15.5" long
* Curtis Controller 1231C (144 volts DC at 400 amps)
* Adapter Plate for vehicle
* Shaft Coupler - Motor to transmission(clutch-less)
* 0-5k (pb5)Throttle Box
* 40 ft of #2/0 ga. Wire Cable
* Contactor- Kilovac EV200 (2000 amp rupture 200 amp continuous)
* 50-150 VDC Volt Meter
* 0-500 Amp Meter
* 50mv - 500 Amp Shunt
* Gauge Holder Bracket
* 12 - High Current Ring Terminals
* 40 - Battery Cable Terminals
* Fuse - 400 amp slow blow
* Quickcharger 120 VDC (Smart Charger) * 12 vdc Smart Battery Charger (for accessory battery)
* General Plans & Wiring Schematics

*Substitues will be made for parts if unavailable.

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