These are links to our "Sister" companies and other suppliers of parts/components that work well with our kits. We have also included some links to our "competitors" that you might want to check out to compare the quality level, and pricing of our products.

Sister Companies

Electric Motorcycle Kits

Make your motorcycle, scooter, boat, 4-wheeler, riding lawnmower, small tractor or snowmobile run on electric power!

Clean, quite, and very efficient kits at affordable prices!

Electric Trike Kits

Stable, powerful, manuverable and reliable!  Don't take your automobile, take your Trikemobile!

Electric Bicycle Kits

This is the 'parent' company that was formed in 1998, and from which Wilderness EV has evolved.

Energy Efficiency Solar Electric solutions

This is our partner in solar power for all home systems and also our supplier of the solar charging accessory for the 'e-volks' kit

Solar Electric Recumbant Bikes

This company is owned and operated by Wilderness EV (us).

EV Trading Post

This is the best place to see what the EV conversion "guys" are doing...........




Electric Vehicle Parts and Supplies

One of the best in the business.

EV Parts and Kits

This is the company with the longest experience in the business , as far as we know.



Our Suppliers

Motor Controllers

This is the company who supplies us with our controllers, the best in the business.

Battery Chargers

We use the NG3 series...

High Current Wire

We recommend #2/0 gauge wire to be used.....

Battery Suppliers

These guys treat EV'ers well...

Another Battery Supplier

These guys are probably the best known it the EV industry.......


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